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Telehealth Consultations from 1st October 2020



We have been compelled to bulkbill as per Legislation from 6th April to 30 April 2020 for Telehealth consultations.  Essentially, you have been receiving ‘free’ healthcare by Telehealth for the last six months.

As a service, The Hills Medical has fought to remain an open service for all including seeing patients face to face when needed. This has not been without significant sweat, time and cost.

Many patients have been delaying the need to see their doctor since February/March and potentially compromising their own health needs.  Doctors may be missing, unable to prevent and treat serious conditions.

With numbers now declining again, with our finely tuned rigorous structures and triaging in place (to keep you and our staff safe), it is now time to see you in person, face to face, and meet your health needs.

If you choose to still have the Telehealth service there will be an out of pocket fee of $20 which is payable at the end of your consultation with your doctor.  For accounts paid at the time of consultation we can then process your rebate immediately from Medicare.  

It is at your doctor’s discretion if fees are applicable to you for Telehealth consultations.

Thank you for your continued support of our Practice.

Doctors and Staff of The Hills Medical

Practice Nurse

The Hills Medical would like to welcome to our team John Gullifer. John will be looking after all our nursing needs at the practice. He will be supporting our doctors on Mondays, Tuesdays,  and Wednesdays.  Appointments can be made with John for childhood immunisations, wound care and ear syringing.

Phone (Telehealth) appointments

Telehealth PHONE appointments via the Appointuit App are now available.

Please contact our friendly reception team if you are requiring an in-person consultation. Ph: 9751 2333 Thank you.

We are offering face-to-face and Telehealth appointments to ensure you can still see your GP.
It’s important that you continue to receive the care that you need, especially if you have a chronic condition.
If you don’t feel comfortable coming into the clinic, booking a Telehealth appointment is a convenient and safe way to see your doctor.

Telehealth appointments are:

• Convenient

• Confidential

• Bulk billed or securely privately billed

Booking a Telehealth appointment is a great option for non-urgent reasons such as:

• Initial discussion about a non-urgent issue

• Getting a referral to see a specialist

• Repeat prescriptions

• Following up an ongoing chronic health condition

• Obtaining mental health care plans and mental health support.

You can book via the Appointuit app or call our practice on 9751 2333.

2020 Flu vaccine

Private vaccines are now available.

We have limited supplies of Government funded (free) flu vaccines available for patients over the age of 65 years, children 6 months to 5 years and patients with chronic illness 5 years to 65 years.

For your convenience we will be running flu clinics. An appointment is necessary so please call and speak with our friendly reception team to book a time.

These clinics are only for flu vaccine – no other issues or scripts will be provided at these times. If you require any other medical advice a full appointment with your doctor will be required. Thank you for your understanding.


Health Alert

We are still open with restrictions to protect you, the patient.

If you are attending the practice for a face to face consultation, on arrival please wait in your car and ring reception on 9751 2333. No phone, then approach the front door and ring the doorbell and wait. Someone will be with you as soon as possible. These restrictions also apply to Melbourne Pathology patients.

As with the changes made by the Government of lockdown of all non essential services in Victoria, this does not affect medical centres and we are open with normal trading operating hours.

If you believe you could have been in contact with Coronavirus or returned from overseas travel, DO NOT ENTER THE HILLS MEDICAL BUILDING – PLEASE PHONE RECEPTION 9751-2333

You may also call the Victorian Department of Health dedicated information hotline on 1800 675 398.

Designated COVID-19 screening clinics are at some hospitals. Please refer to the website below.

Website for more information:

In some instances we are able to do a phone consultation.

Eligibility Criteria for Bulk Billed Telephone consultation:

  • the person has been diagnosed
  • the person meets the current national triage protocol criteria for suspected COVID-19 infection.
  • the person has been required to isolate themselves
  • the person is considered more susceptible
  • 70+ years old
  • 50+ years old and ATSI
  • Pregnant
  • Parent of a child under 12 months
  • Chronic health conditions / immune compromised

Low risk patients:

If you do not belong to the above categories but have flu like symptoms you are also offered a phone consultation.  The doctor will advise you if you need to be physically present for further examination.

Private Fees Privately charged (no Medicare rebate) telephone consultations services are available for anyone who does not qualify for a Medicare funded service.

If you do not have flu like symptoms and are otherwise well and require just a general appointment, this can be requested as a standard appointment.  You can come into the practice but as we are trying to limit the amount of people in the waiting room you may also wait in your car and advise us by telephone of your arrival. 

We realise that this may be inconvenient to you, but we have implemented these stategies to protect you, our staff and GP’s.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Dr Tamaryn Nurse

We are pleased to advise Dr Nurse will be returning to consulting at The Hills after a short maternity leave. Dr Nurse will resume consulting from 10th February 2020 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9.30 – 1pm.

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)

The Health Department has recommended for all people born since 1966 to have a MMR booster.  Please contact our reception team to book an appointment with our nurse, Sonja to have your free MMR vaccination.

Many confirmed cases of measles have been notified for Victoria year-to-date. These cases may have been infectious whilst attending multiple public areas.