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GP Registrars

Where is my Registrar?

Every six months, the messages begin … “I just got to know my doctor and now she’s gone!” and “Oh no! Why did she leave?” or even, “Where can I find him now?”

We feel your pain. The Hills Medical has welcomed and then farewelled dozens of brilliant, caring doctors over the years but it’s all for a good cause.

What is a Registrar?

A Registrar is a fully qualified medical doctor who is a GP in training. General Practice is a specialised area of medicine and the training board of the Australia General Practice Alliance (AGPAL) requires aspiring General Practitioners to complete a training program over two years. In that time, they will attend placements at four different medical practices.

The Hills Medical offers six-month placements to our Registrars where they receive the unique opportunity to work in a busy yet supportive environment with a focus on family medicine and community wellbeing. Being qualified doctors, Registrars are knowledgeable and skilled. Here, they can tap into decades of experience and insight from The Hills Medical doctors and staff. After six months, they move on to their next placement. Once they pass their final exam they are fully fledged GPs.

Dr Tamaryn Nurse, and Dr Hok Lim were  former Registrars here and, following their training placements and final exam, decided they should come back to The Hills Medical — and we’re delighted they did!

Dr Smith provides guidance and support to all our Registrars.

Our current registrar is Dr Nishchey Nayar.