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Dr Silvan Lee



From February 2017 we will be bidding farewell Dr Silvan Lee from The Hills Medical.  Please read her letter to all her patients:

To all my lovely Hills Patients and families,

It has been an absolute pleasure of mine to have had the opportunity to look after each and every one of you over the years. It has come to a time where I will be moving to Sydney to be with my partner, Eric. My official last day at The Hills Medical is the 3rd of February however I will be flying back every now and then to look after my Obstetrics Shared Care Patients until each have safely delivered.

Being able to be there for you as your GP is one of the main reasons why it has been an incredibly hard decision to make, as I have gotten to not only know you, but your friends and families. It has been an absolute privilege to have been able to work in a clinic where I have had the opportunity to care for growing families, with such a wonderful community feel. I am grateful and honoured to have been your GP during this period of time, whether it is through difficult times or through happier times.

I have great confidence in Dr Tamaryn Nurse who I will be handing over to. Dr Tamaryn Nurse was a registrar (just as I once was) at The Hills Medical. She will be returning back after spending time at other clinics during her registrar training. Tamaryn has a very similar medical approach to myself. She has a great personality and is a delight to have back and I feel at ease knowing that she will continue to look after each and every one of you as part of my extended family.

Thank you to you all for allowing me to be your GP and being able to be part of The Hills Community. It has been an absolute honour and making my work so meaningful.

With Warm Regards,

Dr Silvan Lee