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Telehealth Consultations



As a service, The Hills Medical has fought to remain an open service for all including seeing patients face to face when needed. This has not been without significant sweat, time and cost.

Many patients have been delaying the need to see their doctor since February/March and potentially compromising their own health needs.  Doctors may be missing, unable to prevent and treat serious conditions.

With our finely tuned rigorous structures and triaging in place (to keep you and our staff safe), it is now time to see you in person, face to face, and meet your health needs.

If you choose to still have the Telehealth service in most cases your doctor will charge the same as a face to face consultation, which is payable at the end of your consultation with your doctor.  For accounts paid at the time of consultation we can then process your rebate immediately from Medicare.  

It is at your doctor’s discretion if fees are applicable to you for Telehealth consultations.

Thank you for your continued support of our Practice.

Doctors and Staff of The Hills Medical