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Being Active In The Hills

When your doctor suggests that you need to be more active, where do you start?

Living in an environment like ours should be synonymous with activity; a life lived in the fresh air, enjoying the great outdoors. But when it’s foggy or we’re running late, it’s so much easier to jump in the car and drive instead — we can all plead guilty to that. Then there’s the computer and other digital devices which have a lot to answer for in keeping us sedentary.

Like any good habit, an active lifestyle begins with that first step — the important thing is to keep doing it. Pedometers and activity trackers are unrivalled in helping patients keep track of their activity levels and are a great investment in your good health. These little
‘lie detectors’ keep track of how you’re living your life and they automatically upload your efforts onto your computer or phone app, so they don’t listen when you argue with them!

The goal for most people is 10,000 steps every day which is not difficult to achieve, although some patients have reported the shock of discovering that their ‘active lifestyle’ only takes them to 3000 steps or even fewer. A typical one-hour’s walk will accrue approximately 5000 steps.

An excellent website www.10000steps.org.au provides many interesting ways to accumulate steps and offers typical ‘counts’ for a range of activities.

Planning for activity can be as simple as:

  • parking as far away from the supermarket or train station as possible
  • arranging to walk regularly with a friend
  • go to one of our recreation reserves and walk a number of ‘laps’ around the oval
  • get into the routine of taking your dog for a daily walk
  • walking to pick the kids up from school and walking home with them
  • joining a sporting club (we have easy access to tennis, football, netball, badminton, squash, dance and fitness clubs)
  • joining the CFA (junior or senior), SES or other volunteer service group.